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Default "Good Traction With Hand and Forearm"

I started lessons with a TI coach at the end of June. I went from not being able to swim a stroke to breathing bilaterally in whole stroke less than 2 weeks later. I am swimming in the pool and in open water. The last couple of weeks I have been striving to get a good grip on the water, what Terry has called in another thread "good traction with hand and forearm." Nothing, and I mean nothing, is resonating with me on that point. I have watched the Easy Freestyle DVD so many times that I can recite it verbatim. I have watched Outside the Box so many times that I feel like I know the people in the DVD! I even went back and watched the old "Freestyle Made Easy" video that my husband had purchased several years ago when he taught himself how to swim. I have pored over the book. I have worn fist gloves. I have combed the TI website and YouTube and still (still!) I cannot gain a sense of good traction. I have drilled with various focal points and various ways of describing the concept -- featherlight pressure on the forearm, feeling like scooping pudding, moving past my hand in the water -- to name a few. I am just not getting it. Is there any other way to describe the concept that might help me? It would be great to have the same breakthrough I had when I came to understand that "relax your head" is, in fact, quite different than "keep your head down."

Thanks in advance!

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