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Originally Posted by fjconti72 View Post
Looking at the video again, you might be right about the arm entry, I will work on extending it forward a little. One problem I have is that if I do a shallower entry (now I spear at 4 'o clock), I feel I get less from my hip drive, and also I tense up, probably because of not having a great shoulder mobility. So at present, I am arranging my spearing as close as I can to the surface of the water without tensing up.

F, I have the same problem with my right arm. In a video I had a friend take a few weeks back, I saw my right arm enter the water almost near my head. I've been working on improving this "mindfully" by remembering to draw a straight line from my side to just outside my shoulder line. For some reason it seems to help. Best of luck with your ow goals. Soon we'll be hearing about you swimming from Dover to some other place that ow people swim to :)
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