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Default my first ow swim (with video)


I've been practicing TI for 2 years now, still working on many of the basics, and I think I am still quite far from a good, fluid stroke. Anyway, finally I managed to swim in OW while on holiday in Hawaii (was living in San Diego for a long while, but never took the time to do that).

The experience in OW was very instructive. After the first day and couple of swims,my stroke started feeling less tense and at more ease than it ever did in the pool. It is as if, not having to worry about, walls, other swimmers, counting SPLs (usually quite high, 19-21/25m), I inadvertently eased myself into a more relaxed, fluid mood, and several elements of the stroke fell into place. Things that I never managed to figure out by analyzing things in the pool... I'm still wondering what factor was determinant, if, for example, extra buoyancy in seawater might have helped with some balance defects? Has anyone else had similar experiences?

The link here is of a video my wife made of me swimming. This particular session wasn't long, less than one mile for sure (I never tried to swim a mile yet, I am mostly paying attention to technique). I would like some feedback on the stroke, but I realize the video is probably not very good for this. Hopefully I will be able to get something better filmed in the future.

Anyway, any comments and suggestions are appreciated...also, I am aware I lift my head too much sometimes when breathing, this is in part bad habit, and in part my eyes were bloodshot, as I forgot my goggles that day and didn't want to give up the swim, so I was instinctively desperate to get my head out :-).

More than anything, posting this video is a small way to say thanks to Terry and the people that post many helpful comments and on this board, as I have never enjoyed swimming as much as I do since starting with TI.

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