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I am just back from the pool after trying the Kitajima "duck legs" kick, and its the easiest thing to do if you glide with the feet (sole) in the position I described in previous post! Thats the secret!
There is no need for "special ability" with the legs. Of course that I dont claim that I have his kick effect. not yet, ;) but the technique is easy!
He always has the "duck legs" position and he doesnt need to switch this position at all, and thats why its easy.
I also found this kick very powerful and it gives a better propulsion. The recovery is done well (inside the torso lines), and is effortless because the legs are already in duck position before the recovery started (during the glide phase).
Try it. Its easy and effective.
Now, if I could only sort out my hands movement.. I am still "lost a bit" about that. Modern style, clasic style.. etc. I dont master both styles well enough. I need to work on that.
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