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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
You have two problems really, which could be seen as one opportunity to become a better swimmer.

Your biggest problem is that you don't swim straight. Your stroke gets you to deviate. When you close your eyes, it's probably worst like you mention. Then your second problem, is that you're stuck in a pool that's far from being an ideal training environment.

Can't really do much with the second aspect, unfortunately. But I think that a swimmer who's stroke gets to swim straight line could probably manage to train there. He or she wouldn't be perfectly straight, but probably straight enough.

Out of a curiosity, how are you doing with the drilling aspect? You use ti drills at all? Spear switch that sort of stuff, swimming straight there? Is there anything you can do straight?
Yes I have done all the drills as outlined in the dvd easy freestyle. If I swim only 4 or 6 lengths, I can stay fairly straight. Its when I do more, I seem to drift off gradually to one side. Its then that my spls increase.

I do a lot of the sgs, skating, spear switch, swing skate and swing switch and stay fairly straight with them. Of course I am only doing these in 1 length or shorter. This morning I did incorporate bilateral breathing and will keep doing this in the hopes my stroke will become more symetrical.

What I was trying to accomplish is to incorporate the TT to set a benchmark to start at so I could swim more consistently, increase distance, and eventually increase speed.

I think the suggestion to find a didfferent pool to do this is the most logical. the pool I do use now is great for drills.

Tks for all the suggestions

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