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Similar story here ... I never swam as a child and when finally decided it was time to learn (at 54) I took a rec program for adults who never swam. Nearly a complete waste of time. I then found TI and studied what they teach us. Without that discovery and the assistance from people on the forum, I expect I would never have learned to swim. Still lots to learn ... but ... So I really understand "from where you are coming". People here are qualified to give you better answer than I, however I will offer a few things. Try to go slowly ... no rush to stroke. Continue with the Superman Glide to help learn balance and try to keep the legs quiet by drafting them behind the body. Study the 2 beat kick will help with this. Practice elbow circles and try to enter the spearing hand to your personal best X-Y target .... but all the while without a hurry to do so. Set simple goal for each time you swim and add to that the next time. And the most important aspect, which I felt very difficult to do, is to relax. No need to be in a hurry ... be "one" with the water.

Learning to swim can be daunting by oneself but with positive, patient and progressive practice, in the often mentioned Kaizen mind set, you will get there. For 3 months , you are doing quite well indeed.
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