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Tom Pamperin

Another question to help me plan my practice as I work toward my 10-miler.

Seems like the conventional wisdom for endurance sports is to spend a lot of time in the low effort/easy training range, and also prioritize the high effort/speed work range, and avoid the middle "comfortably hard" range that many of us use by default.

Do you think that holds true for swimming as well?

Seems like the low effort/easy yardage would be a great opportunity for mindfulness, technique, and neurological training.

High effort/speed would be great for mindfulness, maintaining SPL at higher tempos, TT work, staying relaxed, etc--all while developing aerobic capacity.

So I guess it's perfectly compatible with TI practice to prioritize your training this way. Does anyone have any thoughts about that, or experience with organizing your own training that way?

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