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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
I'll pose a related question: roll-catch or do both simultaneously? I tend to go for roll-catch, but that may be due to poor shoulder flexibility.

The kick can be used to accelerate your recovering arm out of the water (roll-kick) or to push you over your anchor (kick-roll?) I think that is the choice.

One last question: Not sure about this, but I may sometimes have two pulses in one kick. In the first, my whole leg goes down and my knee starts to bend, in the second my knee straightens out much like a whip. So one can start the roll and the second can come after it? Or is this a crossover?
As to the first part this is really just another one of those nuances that is best answered by 'maybe'. I use a loping stroke at race effort and my shoulder driven side I kick and catch at early while my low side hip is down. The other hip driven side is just a toe flick. As long as you keep that taughtness and your body stays organized and sleek that's job one, if it adds some propulsion that's bonus. Of course for pure sprinting it's all gotta be on and on both sides to be fast, but that's not what people do here. My coach pretty much sums up kicking demands for us as do what makes the clock stop faster and that is purely experimental. The one constant is that whatever kick we employ has to be sustainable and simultaneously overcome whatever drag we add when using it.

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