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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post

To hold a low SPL at even slightly faster rates, takes strength and power...but that's a different task.

This is one of the difficulties of being asked to swim slow is slow? where does swimming stop, even if 1 arm is always moving? Is that the definition? If on!
This is clarification that's important. I should really qualify that when trying to find my slowest speed, I'm not really pursuing a goal of swimming slowly. That's not the point. Nor am I trying to lower my stroke count. I'm tracking stroke count, but not overtly trying to reduce it.

I'm trying only to (i) swim with maximum ease--which means apply featherlight pressure with hands and feet; and (ii) to control speed of recovery without 'stalling' -- I.E. feeling instability or any tiny sculling movements while trying to keep lead hand patient as other hand comes forward quite deliberately.

The more stable and streamlined I can hold my bodyline, the faster I'll cross the pool, even while aiming for ease.

Having done this so frequently, naturally I'm quite practiced at it. Swimming with consummate relaxation and ease is a skill--actually quite a high level skill. Practice it daily--as I do during Tuneup--and it will improve. It's as simple as that.

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