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Originally Posted by Ken B View Post
This winter I've been pushing gently off the end of the pool feeling the delicious effortless glide then trying to maintain that feeling to the other end. If I achieve a clean well timed catch and rotate and spear against it as slowly as I can and maintain my original long-axis posture and tri-breath with absolutely no head lift I can drift into the far wall with no energy used at all.
Ken, for the goals, priorities, and - yes - values you cite for your swimming, you could hardly make a better choice than the one you describe here.

I have similar goals--as well as some others. I also went to swim well, enjoy it limitlessly and even continue improving for 25 to 30 more years -- i.e. into my early 90s.

But in addition I maintain a vision of breaking the national 85-89 record for 2-mile cable swim, and contending for a FINA World Masters open water championship in the same age group in 20+ years.

My Tuneup series every day is guided by exactly the thoughts and actions you describe above. The 'side game' I add to it is in frequently timing myself when swimming that way. I consistently get faster over a series of 6 or more 100s, while maintaining the same sense of ease.

I think the frequency of timing my easiest swims is a reason why one of the 'arrows in my quiver' is the ability to swim some quite 'fast' times -- and to swim a fairly wide range of times -- while maintaining delicious ease and flow.

And regardless of those long-term goals I just cited the main reason I swim this way is that it feels so amazingly good -- in both body and psyche -- in the moment.
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