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Originally Posted by Caro View Post
The slow ones were all done with my definition of slow swimming as at least one arm moving at all times. Not a lot of kicking though.
I think for me this disproves Suzanne's statement that lower spl requires stronger effort. It does if you want to go at higher speeds but not if you are going really slowly.
I was however surprised that I could not go any slower.
Naturally I hate being told that one of my statements was disproved, because every statement I make is well considered. More likely it was provided out of context. ;)

Using next to no effort at the slowest rate possible I do believe I've done 9, but that's not swimming, that's a drill really. Even if one arm is continuously moving. It was probably 30 or 31 seconds in a 25 yd pool.

To hold a low SPL at even slightly faster rates, takes strength and power...but that's a different task.

This is one of the difficulties of being asked to swim slow is slow? where does swimming stop, even if 1 arm is always moving? Is that the definition? If on!

in all seriousness, when I am swimming with clients who are slower than my slowest I find myself playing games with my body to simply swim at the same slow pace they are...things like scissoring or parachuting my legs, making my hips sink, pushing forward on the water...but for some folks, those actions ARE their current swim...and contribute to their slow. When I take those back out...I go lots faster. Some folks cant (yet) take them out...those same folks can't go real fast either and have a small delta.

IN one case, my swimmer, who was using quite some amount of energy, was so slow that I had to stop, do three veritcal jumps in the water and start swimming again to swim as slowly as he was.

It may sound like i"m making fun of him, but I'm not's just more of the perplexing things that Charles is mentioning. For as fast as my slow is relative to another persons fast...there are many, many swimmers out there for whom my fast is their slow. (My fast is Terrys cruise...)
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