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Originally Posted by Richardsk View Post
I had the impression from Charles that actually by trying to swim as slow as possible I might find parts of my stroke that need work.
And you're right. In your case, ie that of a sprinter looking to find himself, that's the idea. In your case though I am not sure that you'd need to be much slower than 1:30-1:40/50m. From there, if you're satisfied with the effort level (next to null hopefully), you try to move and feel in a way that hopefully has a favorable impact on speed (ie, the 1:40 becoming 1:35 by itself then 1:30, etc). You may find stuff, feelings, pearls. Then once in a while you may retest a flat out 50 and see if the magic works.

I was giving this spl param a second thought. At the risk of triggering a bit of controversy, and any way I might be wrong... Standing by for correction don't hesitate.

But for the person that still can't reach perpetual, the only possible dps game available is to increase stroke count as much as possible, and the only game possible in term of stroke rate is to lower it as much as possible.

You want to be hanging on the water in perfect balance, then move your limbs as slowly as possible just enough to get little momentum, and breathe on the side. All of you that can't swim perpetually. This to me is a proof that you master balance, as theoratically, it doesn't require much momentum for human body to reach horizontal.

Speed is function of dps * rate. If you want to go faster, you shall increase at least one of them, or ideally both, if you want to go slower you have to decrease at least one of them, preferably both. Then you live in the water at lowest possible cost and you can't go wrong (as long as breathing is fine obviously).

From there you've read so much on swimming, that you can remember all these tips and start moving for prolonged durations enough to quickly catch up and go from 50 to 500 to 5000, depending on time available and real will, to trust the fact that it's possible to slow down and now sink. You can finally apply the book, everything you know.

I should film myself when I'm on a newbies' back to get him to slow down enough so that I'm satisfied. It's very hard you know, much much harder that some might think to get someone to slow down enough. I'm there with a stop watch, and ideally an underwater camera. And I look for every brusk gesture, any fast moving limb, any vigorous switch, any hard kick. And I shut all that down. Piece by piece. Can take 2 hours sometimes.

Breathing is the biggest place to look for first, heads are always to high, sometimes it's because mouth is kept wide open (that always look funny on playback, I try to get huge close shot LOL, you can see the teeth), no exhaling. So the support hand vigorously push down, costs counter balance kicking power to stay on balance, and by the window goes perpetual. These things are quite simple. Why is it so hard to slow down is less simple.

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