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Originally Posted by Richardsk View Post
Times of around 38 or 39 seconds for 25 meters and SPL of 19 or 20, so definite room for going slower and probably for reduction in SPL.

This could be a very interesting project.
I believe I can make it more interesting--and illuminating--yet.
What is your height, if I may ask?

If we take time and SPL at 38 sec and 19 strokes, your Tempo is
38 minus 4.5 (pushoff time) = 33.5 sec stroking time.
Divided by 19 = Tempo of 1.76.

So in your case, Tempo is quite slow enough already. Better to start pushing left button on Tempo Trainer and work patiently down toward 1.3 or faster. You could allow weeks for that.

Once I know your height I'll be able to provide some advice on what to do with SPL.
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