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Thank you all so much for the advice. The tip(s) that helped the most were: to have my extended arm under water longer, not to rush my stroke, and not to have my recovering arm out of the water too long.
To address someone else's reply, I incorporated these tips and dropped my strokes per 50 meters down to 45, albeit I was making a conscious effort to do so. I also got less tired after my typical 500m swim at that pace.
It doesn't help me as a swimmer to have a wingspan that is 1 inch shorter than my height as far as my "stride" is concerned, but I've compensated with strong muscular endurance in my upper body (i can do over 30 pull ups nonstop) so perhaps I can swim at a higher stroke rate than some other people without as much fatigue. Still, I think with the right form improvements I could increase my distance per stroke even more, no? I want to get it as low as possible without losing my rhythm.
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