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Hello MF,

i feveryone would share their knowledge freely then maybe things would be better.
But I really don't think that concerns in anyway to this forum and TI. Several TI-coaches and TI-Mastercoaches and just in swimming interested readers/posters are spending their time and effort to do their very best for interest, enjoyment and free. Don't know when the forum started, it is existing since I started with swimming. And it survived and will do (hopefuly) a lot of critcism of TI. And I never heared anyone thinking about to shut it down... as it was the fate of other swim-forums... But after all, it is and should be an open TI-forum...

Best regards,

PS: I do remember only one single somewhat smiling post from Terry about teaching the 2BK, where he wouldn't offer all the secrets of TI-coaching... and then he put it as one of his 2.0-Mastery chapters. (BTW my translation of into German should be available soon... After all it's a TI-Forum ;-) )
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