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Indeed pretty incredible gliding /streamline. he achieves the second place with possibly the slowest stroke rate of all 8 swimmers.
His kick isn't all that narrow either. Often breaststrokers talk about keeping their knees close together and using more the lower leg and turned out feet but whatever he is doing is working for him very well. He gets back to streamline very quickly compared to the high-out-the-water guys.

I particularly like breaststroke for the variety in stroke that you see. You got the powerful front end man-mountains like Peaty, Van De Burgh etc then you got the smaller framed rear end driven folk. Some have wide kicks, some have narrow. Some have a very wide powerful outsweep, some tight and short.

I realised by accident I was actually swimming the same or faster pace breaststroke when I relaxed my stroke and was doing my cool down. Instead of applying loads of torque at the front end which lifted my body up I would do a small outsweep just to take a lazy easy breath then sink bank into streamline and by not kicking so aggressively I would catch the water better with my feet. Seeing the tiles whizzing past for less effort was a lightbulb moment.

What I hope is that the powerful stroke (and physiques) we see today isn't shamed tomorrow in the same way that in the cycling world high cadence cycling became vogue (which works very well if you have a non-naturally enhanced ability to carry oxygen in your blood). Thankfully the swimming world seems to be holding up to the additional scrutiny of historic anti-doping re-tests. It's more the athletics and weight lifting scene that is getting embarrassed.
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