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Default The Peaty revolution.

Breaststroke will change now. Peatys stroke is different than the other ones.
His teether tother between hips and head is far more ¨pronounced than other swimmers.ITs all high rev communicating masses in a more vertical direction. No long strokes anymore.
A short pumping action that looks like a blend of power and rhythm that doesnt look like streamlined fishlike swimming anymore.
It looks like a unique human invented way to move through the water.
Streamline is still important in the water offcourse, but the basic action looks very earthbased. reminds me of babys action trying to move forward when legs are in a sack, bouncing forward in a very crude snakelike action.
Breastroke is more and more moving to an upperbody dominated sport, together with a strong core action, legs only used as a ratched mechanism to anchor and lock the potential energy from the extreme upperbody lifting to stop and prevent it slip backward, but anchor and launch forward to the next upperbody dominated action.
Peaty is not looking longer than he actually is in the water, but shorter.
Going to try this extreme style more in my swims and try to make it work. Think I have to go to the gym now.

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