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Originally Posted by fooboo View Post
Woohoo! I recall video by Bill Boomer, with windmilling style, which I see
on olympics this days. That recovery momentum seems to be beneficial
more then I thought before.
Hi Fooboo,

You are correct about the momentum of recovery arm, but you're a bit lost in windmilling, which it's not. The "TI and Professional catch" (as described by Ron Bear) is not binary, and you certainly outline the near infinite number of positions and possibilities the low side arm can be in from extension to catch to rotation and kick, see: post #63 But that is the problem that most fall victim to, controlling timing from the outside in and trying to make it an "either - or" solution.

I find those that go into too much detail and complexity in explanation, don't have a solid grasp of what's happening and are mostly confused; although their intentions are good.

Suzanne and Terry noted catch timing most simply and succinctly, "When you begin press, apply pressure with patience, care and precision to ensure that your pressure converts at a high level into locomotion--not just commotion". In short resist the impulse to pull and moving water back, use minimal movement holding as much water as possible. Allow the timing of the limbs to happen naturally from the inside out based on height, skill and rate of turnover.

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