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Originally Posted by CoachBillGreentree View Post
Much of the windmill style swimming you see in far too many swimmers can be likened to a twin engine aircraft that has its propellers out of "sync".
Woohoo! I recall video by Bill Boomer, with windmilling style, which I see
on olympics this days. That recovery momentum seems to be beneficial
more then I thought before.
Spite I do not use streight arm recovery, I see how it helps. I try to do the
same with angled arm and, I think, it does the same job. One just has to
change timing of everything. One has to be on the flank almost all the time.
Recovery has to include extended opposite arm. Holding the water? Well...
Personally, I do it putting hand down. Since I'm on the body side, hand points
at the angle, to the lake/pool bottom.
We all talk about catch, and have different things on our minds. For me,
the catch is when one gets perpendicular forearm and prepares to use it
as an anchor. Why would I catch the water and keep going further? I am
on some water layer and it is fine. Hand set down is my "catch", if I under-
stand correctly. Arm should not be bent, but streight. Shoulder elevated in
scapula, if possible. Head hidden. From that low drag possition, one might
build further.
Hardly wait further posts. Also, cannot say how different Terry's and mine
seeings on the subject are, and how the goal stays to be exactelly the same.

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