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Originally Posted by Ron Bear View Post
I learned a lot from the replies on this thread. I literally thought that patient lead hand waited for the other spearing hand. I now understand that the patience is about getting to catch position, not about how long you patiently wait prior to ripping to the catch. I patiently catch in what I was calling P and I patiently wait but impatiently catch in my messed up version of TI.

I really appreciate the help.

None of us want you to be doing "catch up' drills. It just adds additional bad habits and reinforces old ones. Watch the video of Terry and Todd that Coach Suzanne linked a page or two ago and pause when one of their recovering arms is just touching the water or almost doing so. If you're using an app that allows it, move it forward frame by frame and watch the switch.

Emphasizing a patient lead arm is necessary when trying to unlearn counterproductive habits. I spent most of my life flying airplanes, from single engine trainers to 850,000 lbs behemoths. Much of the windmill style swimming you see in far too many swimmers can be likened to a twin engine aircraft that has its propellers out of "sync". Yes, it'll get you where you're going but it'll be noisy, far less efficient, cost more fuel and be slower than you could otherwise be.

Practicing a proper patient lead arm and switch allows both of your propellers to work together in an efficient manner while decreasing effort and fuel used. That's a good thing while swimming.

Good luck with your continued swimming evolution.

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