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I think Lochtes timing is easiest to get when focussing on the other leg upkick at the very end of the push with the hand.
That way it makes sense rotationwise and helping the recovering arm smashing forward together with bodyrotation.

Until now I tried to kick up with the same side leg at the end of the push,just like freestyle, but that didnt work, so I forgot the legs and focussed on arm action while keeping straight without knowing what the legs where doing.

I like Lochtes underwater footage more. Less updown and less kick amplitude. HIs head is not so stable because he extends so much that his spine bends a bit.

I think rhythm and body tautness are the most important items in backstroke. Without that its very tiring on the arms and shoulders.

Normal kicktiming is pretty good to follow on this video
Upkick at the same side extension, just after other side push. This upkick goes together with a downkicking other leg.

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