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From above water, the japanese guy is looking great.
Incredibly stable.

Thanks, going to try his kicktiming. Nice and simple. Easier to grasp for adult learners.

This kick makes more sense to me than the normal kick, and cant be that bad judging Roland Matthes results with the same technique:

Roland Matthes (born 17 November 1950) is a retired German swimmer and the most successful backstroke swimmer of all times. Between April 1967 and August 1974 he won all backstroke competitions he entered

Irie doesnt seem to use that much power as it looks like from underwater footage:

Irie initially trained in freestyle, but began swimming the backstroke alone for long periods before and after practice. Backstroke was suitable for Irie because it did not require as much power as freestyle, and soon, Irie began winning national-level competitions and breaking junior high school records.

Actually Lochtes timing is imaginable looking at it from below from 0.30 to 0.45 seconds.
His rotation is helped by a simultanuous up and downkick right at his switch from side to side.
This double effective kick is almost in the horizontal plane.
Now his kick makes sense too. Have to watch this one a lot though to swim along mentally. Its all going a bit fast.

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