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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post

A normal backstroke kicktining is the same, only the downkick is now called an upkick.
So, kicking up with the rightside leg goes together with the end of the rightside push and the entry of the left arm .
ONlly difference is, the rightside upkick rotates the body further down on the rightside, at the moment you want to rotate to the left....
Do the rotational kicks have another timing in backistroke compared to freestyle?
Hi ZT, this theme has always puzzled me, I try to give my point of view: the way I see it is that this freestyle-like-pattern (right kick-left entry, left kick-right entry) is actually implemented only by Ryosuke Irie:

I love his kick (by the way he's also my favourite backstroker) but it seems to me that the majority of backstrokers, including Lochte, do quite the opposite: right kick-right entry, left kick-left entry (with the kick slightly delayed vs the arm entry). This last pattern is coherent with body rotation, Irie's pattern theoretically is against it. IMHO, body rotation in backstroke is driven more by the recovery arm and rhythm and less by the kick, and kicking is more about propulsion, so any kick timing could be fine as long as it is a propulsive kick (but again this is only my personal opinion). It seems to me that kicking often follows body rotation instead of driving it (or at list it aids just the final portion of rotation).

Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post

A significant part of the end of the armpush is used to help rotation in backstroke. Thats how it feels to me, and looking and the movement of Lochtes arm and hand at the end of the push, a lot of water is pushed down instead of purely backwards.
This downward endpush helps rotation. Agreed?
Yes, at expense of stroke rate (but Lochte's SR is obviously fast anyway). Recently I'm trying to let go of this final push and make an early exit thumb up, to easily increase my SR and following the popular approach that power is at the front of the stroke and not at the back. It's funny because the stroke feels more light and rhythmical, and the speed more constant, but the tradeoff is that the body rotates less and the stroke gets shorter.

Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
Compared to freestyle, backstroke works better when adding dynamics to the stroke it seems.
Connecting the end of the push and slingshot the other arm forward at the same time with rotation seems an important ingredient in backstroke. Without speed most of this effect is lost. Agreed?

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