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Originally Posted by inca View Post
Yes, Atreides, that's very clear. Thanks.

So then it would be like this, basically:
  • Right arm pulls back. Right leg kicks. Shift hips/body to left and left hand spears forward to get into fully elongated glide.
  • Right arm recovers and just as it enters the water.....
  • Left arm pulls back. Left leg kicks. Body shift to the right and right hand spears forward to get into fully elongated glide.

Oh and then I do have one more stupid, basic question. What exactly is meant by streamlining my legs, and streamlining them while kicking?
My understanding is that you want to engage your hips just after you spear with the recovery hand. The opposite leg (opposite to the spearing hand) adds momentum and finally the pull from the opposite arm. So it should be spear , pivot (hip drive), kick and pull in rapid succession. By engaging your core (assisted by the flick), you really take the pressure off of your arms to supply power. My problem is that I am so arm centric, that I don't properly engage the core. The way I see it is that it should be a series of successive lunges on top of the spearing hand. I ALWAYS initiate forward momentum with a kick/pull without the "twist" that supplies the core power boost. Its all timing and I'm working on it.

I must confess that I really don't know that much about streamling other than it means the position you put your body in to minimize drag. I would guess streamlining your legs would be keeping them close together and as high in the water as you can get them. From my perspective that would minimize the potential drag that they might cause. Streamlining them while kicking means (I think) to kick with your feet close together.
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