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Originally Posted by inca View Post
It seems to me that I should be turning my body to the left, pushing my left returning arm forward, starting the pull-back of my right all at the same time. Is this correct?

And where does the 2-beat kick come into this? I am confused as to which foot kicks when.
I don't execute this as well as I should but this is how I think it should go.

1. After left hand recovers (you should be streamlined on right side), weight shift (hip drive) left, right leg kick, and right arm pull to finish off move to left side stream line.

2. Glide on left side while right arm recovers. Upon right arm recovery, immediately weight shift right and repeat sequence on the right side (left leg kick and left arm pull). As someone who explained it to me descibed it, "it should feel like ice skating (not that I ice skate but I can imagine the shifts on the right leg and then the left leg that you see ice skaters do)".

The 2BK is a single leg flick on the same side that you are pulling. In other words, right arm pull , right leg kick (left leg goes along or the ride) and left arm pull and left leg kick (right leg goes along for the ride). Watch Shinji Takeguchi videos and you will see his 2BK is a mere flick of the leg on the same side that he pulling. Hope this helps.
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