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Hi Haschu, in my own practice I focus on thinking beyond the catch at all times. I think if you try to swim TI with your catch as the main focus then you are behind the stroke, for want of a better phrase. I know we are trying to rotate past the fulcrum point of our catch, but the catch should occur almost unconsciously with the emphasis on the connection between hip and leading arm. As an experiment, next time you go to the pool do lengths with the main focal point being recovery using your lat muscles not your shoulders, and let the catch just happen for now. You want to recover and roll the shoulder using your back muscles. Enter the water under control with no splashing and then extend. Kick as you near full extension and let your hip drive the leading arm to its full extension. You are moving faster through the water doing this, and consequently you are able to catch the elusive viscosity of the water more easily.


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