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Default Practice in sunny Coral Springs

I'm in Coral Springs FL to conduct our first Different Strokes Weekend Workshop in several years. More will follow. I'm spending several extra days to feed my 'outdoor swimming jones' and hope to make several of these Long Course. This morning though, the main pool at Coral Springs was set up for 25y Short Course swimming. Here's my practice
Nov 23 3200 SCY at Coral Springs
Set #1 Swim 10 x 100 BK
1-6 on 2:10 interval
7-10 on 2:00 interval
Task: Hold constant 15SPL (14 on 1st 25) and descend. Try to maximize difference between slowest and fastest.
#1 was 1:59; #10 was 1:44. I believe this is the largest differential I've ever managed in a single set of 100s BK, without adding any strokes. It does take high skill to improve pace for 100y without adding strokes, but the average pace/100 was a bit poky. I'll strive to repeat this set in the near future at faster average paces.

Set #2 Swim 5 x 200 (50BK50FR)on 3:30 interval. Descend while holding constant SPL (15BK, 14FR)
I tried to increase speed mainly on the BK laps, while keeping FR pace very relaxed. I did keep SPL constant and descended 3:19-3:11.

Set #3 4 rounds of 4 x 75 [25BK25BR25FR] on 1:30 interval
Descend each round while holding SPL constant. Increase pace, while increasing SPL, on subsequent rounds.
Rounds 1-2 BK @ 14 SPL, BR @ 7SPL FR @ 13 SPL Descend to :47 and :46
Round 3 BK @15SPL, BR @8 SPL, FR @13SPL. Descend to :45
Round 4 BK @16SPL, BR @8SPL, FR @13SPL. Descend to :44

I shared the pool with 10 or 12 other adult/Masters swimmers and 20-odd kids/competitive swimmers. All were doing workouts with the usual equipment and non-fluent form. Lots of equipment use. I was the only one who seemed to be doing a practice composed of tasks such as those described above.
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