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Talvi - maybe the Garmin 910xt might suit your usage - others with more experience than me with these might chime in about this. I'm not so fussed about reviewing when I get home so the Finis one (which has no screen of any type) would suit me but the Garmin 910xt might be better for reviewing things on the go.

Originally Posted by nicka View Post
The ultimate goggles.

Built in GPS, lap counter, lap times, stroke count,heart rate, open water co-ordinates so you don't swim off course, blue tooth,tempo trainer, all data viewable in your goggles while swimming.
Give it a few years... I know Google are (actually) working on 'wearable' PC devices like glasses etc. Sadly, the concept of actual Google Goggles (heh) probably won't happen but once the technology is out there, the swim manufacturers may pick up on the possibilities. (and maybe include email and Angry Birds...)

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