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A little tip to better your backstroke, is to think of using the shoulder and not to think about the arm or hand for arm recovery . Think of shrugging or popping the shoulder up as you begin recovery then and let the shoulder brush lightly against your face as it passes by . It will keep you more in rhythm. The shoulder is an extension of motion that is set up by the hips and core .This tip definitely help my backstroke.

I used to that till a couple training sessions. I found out that my under water motion was not as effficient as it could and as I was not properly using both the strength coming from the torso rotation as well as my back muscles.
Now I do not pop my shoulder out prior to the recovery I push (/rotate) the appropriate side of my thorax up.
It works better for me, my feel is that I get more leverage from my core muscles and it further fine tunes the hips/thorax/shoulder rotational "syncing" you are describing.
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