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Does swimming have a future?
Do you live in a big city? Remember busy hot summer day when you are stinky, sticky and even more exhausted because of the heat? Have you ever had to resist the desire to jump into random fountain in a square?
Iíve always lived in a big cities with a big rivers and lakes. Big rivers are not swimmable, I get it. But it is a pity on a hot day u canít jump into refreshing water, because lakes are also polluted.
Running and cycling on rise as outdoors work outs get more and more popular. And swimming is not. And it is a pity as it is the only sport that is injury free (I am not talking about professional athletes) and recommended by most of the doctors as it benefits people with different kinds of chronicle decease. And it doesnít affect joints in a long run as a majorty of ground sports.
If only i could swim more often.
Do u think will it be more accessible one day?
Swimming, whether as a sport or for recreation, has and will have a future. ;-)

As to availability/accessibility of places to swim at - which should be safe/secure/convenient - this may vary depending on where you live. I happen to live in a city but I do have access to pools scattered in the metro - and if I choose to, I can drive an hour or two to the nearest beaches (lucky me I guess for living in a country surrounded by water ;-)).

Perhaps, one suggestion for you is to have your own endless pool - whether as a built one (try to Google it) which you can buy and install or from DIY from scratch - or you can get one of those swim tethers and get a large enough Jacuzzi/tub or tank where you will fit in lying down with your arms and feet stretched - and perhaps with some space allowance between you and the walls of the Jacuzzi/tub or tank - and have one end of the tether secured to a wall or a pole and the other to your body (waist or feet - depending on the model which suits you comfortably - you can also Google for this).

Swimming will always be there - only the places where to do it - safe/secure/convenient - may become limited or challenging to find over time, especially in cities.
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