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I sort of tried this today.
My brain cant get around all the numbers and then remembering it all to report here ia a mission! So I simplified it slightly using my Garmin swim to help me keep track as much as possible while trying to remember my stroke counts to report here.

I did a number of 100's at 1.30 to warm up and to tune up. I then did successive 100's shortening the TT time by .02 per 100 all the way down to 1.08 which is a stretch for me. RPE was quite high and while I have done mid to high 1:30's on occasion I have never done so many in succession. I waited about 20-30 seconds between each 100.

The first 25 yards was always one stroke less than the others and according to my garmin was the fastest all of them sub 1:30 with the remaining 3 a fair bit slower resulting in the average time.

At higher tempo I should be going faster, maybe fatigue was setting in. My arms were getting tired. So here is TT - SPL and time per 100 yards in a 25 yard pool.

1.30 15 1:37
1.28 15 1:37
1.26 15 1:37
1.24 15 1:37
1.22 15 1:37
1.20 16 1:36
1.18 16 1:35
1.16 16 1:36
1.14 16 1:35
1.12 16 1:35
1.10 16 1:35
1.08 17 1:35

I look forward to all of the comments and suggestions.
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