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Default Training program combining strength?

My name is Alon from Israel and I am excited to join this community! I am just turning 29, and have been swimming regularly since age 22. I am currently undergoing a TI course, and hope to work my self up to some serious open-water swims.

In my current life style I can fit up to four 60-minute workouts, and would also like to add three core/supportive muscle dryland workouts.

My goal is to be able to swim 5K. Predomanantly forward stroke, supported by backstroke.
I would also very much like to improve my butterfly, as I currently can hardly do 50m, in very poor form.

I was wondering if there is a reccomended training plan for me.
I also have a limited budget because of the current course, so if anyone knows about online guides that would be great, however I am also interested in more customized training programs that are possibly available through trainers who connect for online consulting sessions.

Any references and advice would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!
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