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OK, Its hard for me to imagine swimming without taking notice how every stroke feels and how balance is disturbed etc.
It could be there are swimmers who swim totally automatic, able to do other things at the same time just as driving your car on automatic pilot.
If your stroke is good and you have swum a lot, thats not a bad place to be.
Than you can swim like you run or bike.( I wish I was at that stage.)
But most peoples strokes leave a lot of room for improvement and if they start to swim only focussed on time with no interest in stroke mechanics they leave speed potential unused obviously.
In my experience this group is rather small.
Most people want to swim better than they are currently doing, and not only faster.
Its true though that the first thing they are discussing is the arm movement, catch etc.
Its just there seem to be a lot of people in the pool who dont really know what they are doing and what are the best things to focus on.
Doesnt bother me anymore. Let everybody do his personal thing in the pool.
Looks like we are swimming a lot of the time with similar mindsets Tom,although my focus is more intuitive than guided by numbers like strokelength, rate and times.
These numners improve automatically (with stops and slow progression) as an outcome with enough swim time, mental and physical input and continual reference to a mental image of good stroke mechanics.
At least . thats my preferred method. Different folks, different strokes. Happy swimming.

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