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Not sure if this is helpful to gather information regarding green zone. First of all, I have just restarted using the TT. Secondly, the pool I swim in is 23 and 1/3 yards (70 ft). Mat Hudson recalculated the data based on my age, height, gender and recalculated the 25 yard green zone to accommodate the shorter length of my pool. What he told me was that my green zone was between 15.5 and 19.5. Since I am older he also said to concentrate in the upper range of that zone

My height is 5'3". age is 72, and gender is female.

Here is some data that I have recorded in the last few days. The push offs were 3 beeps and the turn and push off on 2nd length was a total of 5 beeps. What I recorded was just the actual spl

Tempo SPL
1:50 18/19
1:48 19/19.5
1:46 19/19.5
1:44 18/19.5
1:42 18/19.5
1:40 19/21
1:38 19/21

On Feb 27th I recorded this based on only single lengths

Tempo SPL
1:70 17
1:60 17
1:50 17.5
1:40 18
1:30 20
1:20 20
1:10 23
1:00 23

Never have swam less than 1:25 (and it shows)!!

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