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True, I could try to invent something Rhoda, but as you made the suggestion, and as that matches a corkscrew stroke i.e no turn, just rotation around the body's axis, I thought I'd ask you, especially as you said you were going to see if you could describe it better.

Your suggestion about googling - well yes, I have heard about people asking that google chappie but I don't have his email address ;) Of course another alternative would have been to just ignore your post :D

Re the Scottish pools swimmers though, they either:
1. swam very slow breaststroke and swam the 5 metres across the ends in a gentle curve or
2. came off at 45' or more acutely or
3. walked/shuffled across the end of the pool before starting another lap

Didn't see anything else really over 40+hrs in the water there. Those of us who wanted to swim laps generally found ways of negotiating with other swimmers etc to do so. One swimmer I met there used to swim in the "lane" next to the lane rope ... on the recreational side of the pool! :D

Very few people swam in the bundled lanes, and even fewer swam more than a few hundred metres. The club swimmers of course swam normally in their lane swimming sessions.
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