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I must keep stumbling across tennis articles, but I just read this regarding Arthur Ashe's famous Wimbledon victory over Jimmy Connors in 1975:

'During each changeover Ashe would close his eyes. Slowly, serenely, he would breathe through his nostrils in search of Zen-like calm.

"The press went crazy," remembers Dell. "Is he meditating? What's he thinking about? It must be a poem! But he was thinking about the things we had talked about, refreshing his memory."

What struck me most here was the reference to 'refreshing his memory'. Again, this seems to me to be a very 'TI' approach to sport. I personally like to go through a few drills before I swim full-stroke; so I suppose this is a bit like refreshing my [muscle] memory before the main event. It would be nice to think that Ashe was mentally rehearsing his successful body and shot positions on court, as well as focussing on the 'now'. A little bit of calm before the storm can be wonderful thing!
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