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Default Racing and sunshine

At the Canadian National Master Swimming championships last weekend a friend Steve Wallace told me of a study that was done with weight lifters. Before lifting in a competition they went outside and exposed themselves to sunshine for at least five minutes. The results showed that they lifted significantly more weight. The rest aspect was controlled. Can't verify as to all the controls Suzanne.
So before the my 50m Fly race I went outside for over five minutes and came back in and swam the race 3 seconds faster than I did six weeks ago. Now I fully acknowledge that the placebo effect could be in full force. Also I had six more weeks of practice to continue my comeback from prostate surgery. Although I was aware of the mental aspect I wholeheartedly went in with the believe that the sunshine would have a positive effect.
As it turned out I edged my long time competitor by less than a second to win the gold.
The next two days were very cloudy so I never could test it again. Of my five races four were faster than six weeks ago and one was two seconds slower (third race of the day and I was fatigued). The 50 fly race was by far percentage wise the biggest percentage increase of the increases.
Food for thought.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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