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Ok now we can see a bit more there, staying balanced while breathing is probably hardest thing to get but it is possible. Try to keep your left arm as patient as your right one is. What you can see on that video is that your legs are sinking a bit while breathing then you are trying to fix it up with your left leg kicking strongly from the knee, however when you bending that knee to get your leg ready for that kick you are making your legs to sink even more

It would be great if you could ask your camera men to stay a bit further back it will make it much easier to see it clearly

Best time way to make a video is to talk to the lifeguard if he would let you stay extra 5 minutes after closing the pool and taking the ropes out, you can also try to shoot from the bottom of the pool with a cheapest tripod you can get ;)

I have to say it looks very clean on entries so you are on the good way to find your perfect path through the water




remember that we all make mistakes when I'm watching my own video I can still find elements that I'm not happy about, Important thing is to enjoy fixing them up ;)
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