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Originally Posted by gogglesnoseplugs View Post
- drills that you do when starting out in the TI program - .... It's like I hit the "wall" and cannot move on to swim with ease. ....I think I will give it a month before I hit the water again so I can regroup.
All of the drills are meant to be done on a continuing basis, they are meant to be used exactly like you are using them -- going back to those basic movements to establish a solid basis to add the rest of the movements to.

We all have different patterns on how to do this, some will do concentrated sessions of drills, some will do several lengths of drills, where others will throw in a few seconds here and there while doing regular stroke. There are no rules. And "mixing it up" can help to avoid that hitting the wall feeling. It seems like in that intermediate stage it is easy to be frustrated, because you can feel stretches of swimming with ease mixed with inexplicable periods of tedious plowing through the water.

Hang in there if you can, although sometimes a longer rest can get you out of physical and mental ruts.
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