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Hello Sherry,

please excuse producing even more confusion than clearyfying anything...

Next try:

I use Speed as synonym for/to Velocity, measured in units of multiples of 1m per sec or 1[m/s].

StrokeRate is the rate how many strokes you'll take in one second. It's measured in multiple units of strokes per sec or 1[Strokes/s]. (It's the reverse of the TT-setting (if not swimming as Andy sometimes ). If I set my TT to 1.5s my StrokeRate is 0.67[Strokes/s].)

StrokeLength is the distance you cross with one stroke. It's measured in multiple Units of the length you reach with one stroke or of 1[m/Stroke].

StrokesPerLength is the number of strokes you need to swim one lap. it's multiple of unit 1[Stroke]. If you wan't count and know your SL, you can calculate it as

Length of one lap divided by StrokeLength = SPL (units fit)

Pace is in most of our swim context the time you need for 100m. Most times it is given careless in seconds. It would be better given in Seconds per 100m (or any other length). It's similar to the inverse of velocity (how many seconds you'll need for one meter):

Pace = 100m divided by velocity (careless, multiple of unit 1[s])

Not sure, if this is clearyfying anything better than before, but let us hope for the Kaizen way :-)

Best regards,

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