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Originally Posted by POK View Post
The link below is the only video of my stroke I managed to get my hands on. It is from a continuous 5km crossing.
Does anyone else see a pause in the stroke as the elbow and hand of my left arm exit the water? Or is it the angle of the video. I don't perceive this pause when I'm swimming. Also, I'd like some comment on my hand entry please.
I don't think I see a pause in the stroke. I do see a little asymmetry--the right arm recovery looks a bit more hand-led than the left, with a noticeably lower elbow. That's probably because you're breathing to only one side (and why I like to breathe to both).

Do you ever do long swims with bilateral breathing? I bet that would give you the chance to move to a higher elbow, elbow lead for the right hand.

Otherwise, it looks great. And 1.04 is a pretty fast SR--way faster than me, that's for sure. How was the Swim Treks trip? Where did you all go?
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