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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
On GoSwim I saw a demonstration of how he suggests coming off the wall on a turn. The demonstrator had his head well below his arms which were held together as tight as possible. To me this seems to be not as streamlined as having your arms held as tight as possible against your ears. Not as he was doing with his head below his arms.
Fortunately I am flexible enough that I can achieve this position but question it's advisability.
Would like to hear what the forum particants have to say about this.
You certainly don't want your head below your arms, but you probably don't want your arms pressed against your earholes, etiher, since this will spread your elbows too much. I find that it works best to streamline with my arms sort of against the back of my ears (and I can streamline for more than half the length of a short course pool).

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