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Default How frequent is too frequent for neurally-specific training

Originally Posted by terry View Post
That's why I like the magic of 'speed math' and favor neurally-specific, over aerobically-generic, training.
I'm a little late in catching on this thread here, but achieved personally amazing results using the suggested TT sets by Terry. I'm 5"4' and managed to reduce my SPL for 50m from 55 to 44 with TT at 1.6 on my very first attempt.

My question here is, since practice sets like these are what Terry refers to as 'neurally-specific' instead of 'aerobically-generic', am I over doing it if I practice them on alternate days in my enthusiasm? Does my neural circuits need to take a 'break' and revisit these sets a week/couple days later? Esp when I see no further improvements, or worst deteriorate from earlier achievements?

There was another post in this thread where Terry mentioned, 'If you're successful at finishing the set at a lower count than you started, try again a few days or a week later...' Not tomorrow?

Does less = more like in the 'go slow to go fast' concept?
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