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Default Terry's November Medley of Strokes Practices

Hi. I haven't posted my practices here in quite some time. My forum activity has migrated more to the Academy.

But I miss the folks here so I'm back. I swam in a pool today for the first time since Sept 1, when the outdoor 50m pool in New Paltz closed. I've continued swimming in Lake Awosting, but now it's too cold--probably low 40s--so I'm back indoors. The only game in town unfortunately is a 50 year old 25y pool with poor ventilation. But at least it's not crowded. Today I had my own lane.

My practices this month will be a Medley of Strokes to balance out the fact that from May through October -- open water season -- I swam only freestyle.

I swam 2000 yards today as follows:
4 x 100 IM (Since I was just starting, I substituted Free for Fly)
I descended from 1:49 to 1:44 @ 12+16+8+13 SPL
4 x 100 FR I descended from 1:31 to 1:27 @ 12+13+13+14 SPL
4 x 75 IM (25 each FL-BK-BR) I descended 1:24-1:22 @ 9+16+8 SPL
4 x 75 FR I averaged 1:04 @ 12+13+14 SPL
4 x 50 (25BK-25BR) I averaged 53 sec @ 16+8 SPL
4 x 50 FR I held 41 sec @ 12+13 SPL
4 x 25 FL - I held 22 sec. @ 9 SPL
4 x 25 FR - I held 18 sec @ 15 SPL

I felt fantastic--though a bit fatigued in the final 1000y--and was very pleased with my stroke counts and times.
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