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Originally Posted by CoachPaulB View Post
Last night I gave a general TI information workshop at the local bike shop. It was free and attended by Triathletes and wanna-be swimmers and Triathletes.It was titled "Swim Smarter and make every stroke count"

I can honestly say that as much as I prepared for the 45min expose' I was very uncomfortable and lacked the poolside confidence and enthusiam that I normally have. I think that for my first one of these talks I did OK, I signed up three students, but I need HELP!.

I video'd myself and will muster the courage to view it today or tomorrow.

Maybe you could address this in a webinar. Give us a template or sketch out how to share what we do and get others to feel confident in our approach and philosophy. The Q & A ( about 10 mins.) was probably the best part of the class. The class was about 45min.

Thank you

Why not post the video in the Coaches Forum as well. You would be able to get feedback from seasoned coaches, that have done numerous talks. This will only help you improve your presentation.
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