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Default Variable Breathing Cadence

I am new to TI and swimming in general and was struggling to make the transition from drill into swimming... Breathing was the heart of the issue.

I really like staying balanced and breathing on both sides encourages this. I also really enjoy the sense of flow and acceleration that comes from uninterrupted strokes. So my preferred cadence is 3 TI strokes and then breath. I found I couldn't sustain this even if I reduced the effort in my strokes. So I started experimenting and found that 2 stroke 3 stroke combinations are very sustainable.

I can jump in and do a couple of lengths with a 3 stroke rhythm and then 'ease up' and start doing 2 strokes. I've found I can do 3 2-stroke and then a 3 stroke to switch sides pretty much non-stop for a long as I've tried it even when I am putting consistent power into my strokes.

It's all a balancing act based on how hard you are working, but mixing up the breathing cadence adds another tool to my box and also helps focus my awareness.

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