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Originally Posted by terry View Post
I'm putting final touches on the next TI self-coaching aid, a followup to last year's release of the Ultra Efficient Freestyle Complete Self-Coaching Toolkit.Since I began working on it, I've used the working title "Expert" Skills, but as I get closer to release I wonder whether TI *Mastery* Skills might be the better term-of-art. The technique skills include Catch-and-Press, impeccably-tuned 2BK, and Seamless Breathing. I'm inviting input before making this critical decision. What's your most instinctive response to the term Expert vs Mastery? Does one strike you as more inviting, more accessible, more inspiring? And why?

I love that you're seeking feedback for this. I like "mastery" a lot better, as anyone can imagine themselves working toward "mastery" but might think themselves undeserving of the "expert" label.

I think "mastery" is more inspiring, and also lends itself better to fitting the non-tangible aspects of TI. Just off the top of my head--I'll add more if I think of anything else.

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