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Originally Posted by BradMM View Post

Wouldn't this overlap with open water and triathlon topics?
I don't think so.

I first swam a mile in a pool - not in open water.

And there's an important difference between just swimming a mile and swimming it as part of a triathlon. When I'm swimming 100m freestyle, I don't swim it the same way I'd swim the first 100m of, say, a 1500m freestyle. Doing the swim leg of a triathlon is like swimming the first part of a distance race, but not swimming the rest of it (i.e., biking and running it, instead). You probably don't ever want to go all out during the swim leg of a triathlon, whereas you would during the last part of a mile swim (if it were a race). When I swim pool events longer than a 50, my split times indicate that my last 50 was the fastest one.

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