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Default How to kick in backstroke?

I'm experimenting different backstroke kicking recently because I noticed the standard kicking doesn't propel as much for me....

I have tried two types of kicking for my backstroke, the first one is the right/standard method where we kick from the hip with thighs and knees bend slightly. The feet will break the water surface slightly but not the knee.....

For the second method, instead of kicking from the thighs I focus on kicking through my calf muscles (which mean the main movement will be on the lower legs, flexing and releasing my knees). During kicking I also maintain my hip and knees still (but will still bend a little bit when kicking my feet up the water).

I noticed using the second method I tend to kick and propel much faster. Also by reducing the bending in the knee I don't have to worry about the knee breaking the water surface.
Another advantage is by reducing kicking/movement from my hip, my body tends not to wobble as much and also reducing water entering my mouth.

Can anyone give some opinions about the second methods, is this a workable solution or does it have a bad side effect?
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