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I dislike this clip, just like I dislike any demonstration of some fly breathing every 2 over the 200m distance. This to me still indicates that several coaches are yet to understand this stroke.

Hard statements I know. But after seeing our Canadian flyer (200m) doing this in London 2012, I really have a big thing against that really.

Men seem to understand the fly stroke much better. Female possibly lack a polar star somewhere in the sky to follow.

The task should be to teach the fly stroke in a way to aim at great speed and ease breathing every stroke. Over 200m, you just *don't* need the added speed that not breathing provides, in theory.

I mention in theory, as these cycles non breathing with a head that is kept way too low do potentially come in the way of body undulation. Look very closely at these cycles. You'll notice that the head not only remains too low, but it does give a little downward tilt which seem to interfere with forward momentum.

I believe that when swimming fast fly, not breathing, your head should still perform an upward tilt, as it is important as a component to achieve optimal distance per stroke. The only thing though, is that once you master this aspect very well, your difference between 25m flat out no breathing and 25m flat out breathing ever cycle becomes so tiny, that it explains why top 2 males over 100m fly in london were breathing every stroke at the shortest fly event available. The 3rd one was sometimes breathing every 2, but with no downward tilt of the head whatsoever.

This is where we're at, females seem to drag behind.

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